Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme|2021 Spring

Programme Goals

The Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme is initiated by Queer China UK in 2021. It aims to

  1. raise awareness of LGBTQ+ and other diverse issues in Chinese communities around the world;
  2. encourage more people to become gender equality campaigners with international perspectives and nonviolent spirits;
  3. support the development of Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ diasporas as leaders to make changes in their areas.
  4. establish a transnational Chinese-speaking queer community centered on connection and activism.

Application Requirements

Open to the Chinese-speaking people around the world, who want to make contribution to LGBTQ+ community in their areas; who hope to get involved in gender equality movement in the future; or those who want to know more like-minded peers.

There are no restrictions on sexual orientation and gender identity of our applicants. As for language, fluent in Chinese and basic English communication skills required.

If you are not from the Chinese-speaking community but want to participate, you are also welcome!


A multi-modular, inspirational and periodical learning journey for over 5-6 months.

March-April 2021:

Beginner workshop with a minimum of two full days –

Module 1 Europe-based queer activism and culture guide (2 sessions)

Module 2 Gender/sexuality theories and social sciences theories (media critism, culture critism, sociology etc) ( 3 sessions)

Module 3 The LGBT movement in Greater China and UK ( 3 sessions)

Module 4 Campaign strategies and tools

Module 5 Networking

Module 6 Participatory game: Exploring personal identity (LGBTQ+, gender, race, class etc)

May 2021:

One-on-one mentoring with customized support for each member.

June 2021:

Advanced workshop with a minimum of one full day –

Module 7 Transnational identity and creative equality rights campaign (2 sessions) -stonewall, gays’the world

Module 8 Networking

Module 9 Space and possibilities for activism in English-speaking countries

July – August 2021:

Team-based mentoring and broader supports.

All virtual learning sessions are tentatively scheduled for: 11am – 1pm (UTC+0) on March 20, March 27, April 3, April 4, June 5, June 6 and June 12 this year.

By the learning journey with us, you will gain:

  • Personal development: better self-identification, gain confidence and inspire leadership potential.
  • Knowledge and skills enhancement: gain knowledge related to gender/sexuality and social criticism, and broader queer perspective.
  • Support network: get valuable advice and help from peers and mentor team; If you have an idea, mentor team will work together to assist you to make the idea come true.
  • Grant opportunity: during and beyond the programme period (2021.3-2021.12), if you plan to initiate any gender-related activism (such as research, cinema, photography, oral history, performance art, event, etc.), you can apply for our grant.
  • Collaboration opportunity: get close contact with LGBT organizations in Greater China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and the United Kingdom. If you have relevant needs, we can help you further collaborate with these organizations (for example, connecting mainland LGBT organizations for field research)
  • Long-term connection network: get access to the transnational LGBT+ community during and after the programme.


General: 58 GBP/Person,  Students and people with financial difficulties: 50 GBP/Person

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Mainly online via Zoom. We will consider face-to-face sessions if allowed.


Mandarin and English. Interpretation available.


Queer China UK

Queer China UK (registered as Queer International Ltd) aims to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora around the world and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries, as well as empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and feminists communities, primarily through the following three services: LGBTQ+ tours in Mandarin and Cantonese, educational programmes and consultancy services.

We are selected for Cambridge University social venture incubator programme in Feb 2020:

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FB/IG: @queerchinauk

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