Winter Open Call | Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme 2021

Who We Are

Queer China UK

We aim to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora around the world and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries, and empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and allies, primarily through the following three services: Decolonizing LGBTQ+ tours in Mandarin and Cantonese, educational programmes, community-focused queer art, and consultancy services.

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Programme Goals

The Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme is directed by Queer China UK in 2021. It aims to 

  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ and other equality issues mainly in Chinese communities around the world; 
  • Encourage more people to become gender equality campaigners with international perspectives and nonviolent spirits;
  • Support the development of queer Chinese and allies as leaders to make changes in their fields.
  • Build a transnational network centered on connection and activism;
  • Facilitate the international solidarity and connectivity among queer communities.

Application Requirements

(1) Open to the Chinese-speaking people around the world, who want to make contributions to LGBTQ+ community in their areas; who hope to get involved in gender equality movement in the future; or those who want to know more like-minded peers. If you are not from the Chinese-speaking community but want to participate, you are also welcome!

(2) There are no restrictions on sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities, etc., of our applicants. 

(3) As for language, Intermediate Chinese and basic English are required.


II is a interactive, inspirational and progressive learning journey for over 4 months (Late Oct 2021- Feb 2022) with a speakers & mentors team of experienced international professors, activists, LGBTQ+ leaders and organisers.

Location: Zoom

ct -Nov 2021 **

\\Welcome Party and Kick-off Workshop

24 Oct Sun UTC+8 6pm | UK 11am | Paris 12pm | EST 6am

Moderator: Queer China UK Programme Team | Language: Mandarin | Duration: 1.5 hours

\\Lecture|Translational and Transnational Queer Fandom in China 

30 Oct Sat UTC+8 6pm| UK 11am | Paris 12pm | EST 6am

Speakers: Dr. Guo Ting and Dr. Jonathan Evans | Language: English, interpretation provided| Duration: 1.5 hours

\\Lecture|LGBTQ-inclusive Education Matters

7 Nov Sun UTC+8, 9pm | UK 1pm | Paris 2pm | EST 8am

Speakers: Khakan Qureshi, Qiuyan CHEN | Language: English, interpretation provided| Duration: 1.5 hours

\\Panel|Diversity and Inclusion in Sport

13 Nov Sat UTC+8 7pm | UK 11am | Paris 12pm | EST 6am

Speakers: Dr. Bonnie Pang, Liushi | Language: English and Mandarin, interpretation provided | Duration: 1.5 hours

\\ Lecute|Sexuality and Citizenship

20 Nov Sat UTC+8 7pm | UK 11am | Paris 12pm | EST 6am

Lecturer: Bianca | Language: English | Duration: 1 hour

**Late Nov – Dec 2021 **

Small Group Seminars

The topics: Hungarian anti-LGBT Law, Civil society and individual action, Non-violent movement, No-budget queer film-making workshop, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sexuality and Citizenship.

Date: Negotiation with participants via online survey

Moderators: Qiuyan CHEN, Jamie Chi, Bianca Skrinyar

One-to-one Mentoring with customized support for each participants

\\Lecture: Queer Cinema in China

4 Dec Sat UTC+8, 8pm|UK 1pm | Paris 2pm|EST 8am

Speakers: Dr. Bao Hongwei, Dr. He Xiaopei | Language: Mandarin|Duration: 1.5 hours

\\Lecture: Intersex, Trans and Gender Fluid in the Queer Community

5 Dec Sun UTC+8, 3pm|UK 7am|Paris 8am | EST 2am

Speakers: Small Suk, Chao Xiaomi | Language: Mandarin|Duration: 1.5 hours

**Jan-Feb2021 **

\\Workshop: Gender Equality in Leadership

25 Feb Fri UTC+8, 8-9:30pm|UK 12pm|Paris 1pm | EST 7am

\\Workshop: Social Change Ecosystem and WHAT’s YOUR ROLE

26 Feb Sat UTC+8, 8-9:30pm|UK 12pm|Paris 1pm | EST 7am

Networking Events

Participants-led activities

Fees and Application

General: 130 GBP/Person;

Students and people with financial difficulties: 107 GBP/Person;

Apply in pairs: 98 GBP/Person.


Application deadline: 2021.10.18

We will send an email notification of admission on Sep 20/25/30 and Oct 8/18/20.

By the learning journey with us, you will gain:

(1) Personal growth: 

Have better self-identification, gain more self-confidence and inspire your own leadership potential.

(2) Knowledge and skills enhancement: 

Gain knowledge related to gender, sexuality and social criticism, and broader perspective about queer.

(3) Supportive network: 

Get valuable advice and help from your peers and the mentor team; If you have an idea, mentor team will work together with you as an assistance to make it come true.

(4) Financial support: 

During the programme period (2021.10-2022.2) and beyond, if you plan to initiate any gender-related activism (such as research, film, photography, interview, performance art, public protest, etc.), you can apply for our small grant.

(5) Collaboration opportunity: 

Get close contact with LGBT organizations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, USA etc. If you have relevant needs, we can further help you to collaborate with those organizations (for example, connecting China-based LGBT organizations for field research).

(6) Long-term connecting network: 

Get access to the transnational LGBTQ+ community during the programme and after.

Keynote Speakers and Mentor Team

Dr.Ting Guo –  received her PhD in Translation Studies from Aston University (Birmingham) in 2009. After the completion of her PhD, Ting worked as an Associate Research Fellow on the ‘Global Circulation Project’ at Exeter University, and Instructor in Chinese at University of Ediburgh. She is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the MA Translation Program and Chinese Program at University of Exeter since 2011. With Dr. Jonathan Evans, she is currently working on a project “Translating for Changes: Anglophone Queer Cinema and Chinese LGBT+ Movement”. This project explores the translation and use of Anglophone (North American, British, Australasian) queer cinema as a means of developing LGBT+ culture and rights in China.

Dr. Jonathan Evans – Before joining Glasgow as Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies in 2020, he held positions at the University of Exeter, the University of Hull and the University of Portsmouth. His current project, Translating for Change, funded by the AHRC, focuses on the translation and use of LGBT+ cinema in China. It analyses the translations and paratextual presentation by fan communities, as well as the role of film festivals and screenings, in order to understand how these translations connect to forms of worldmaking.

Dr. Bao Hongwei – Associate Professor in Media Studies, Department of Culture, Media and Visual Studies University of Nottingham. He is the director of the Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies (CEACS). He is also a member of the Centre for Critical Theory (CCT), Institute for Screen Industry Research (ISIR) and Asia Research Institute at Nottingham. He is also a Research Associate of Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham School of Art.  He is the author of Queer Comrades: Gay Identity and Tongzhi Activism in Postsocialist China (NIAS Press 2018).

Qiuyan Chen – Chinese LGBTQ+ rights activist and mentor, LSE Gender Alumi, a member of Global Advisory Committee at Equal Asia Foundation. DIVA Award 2021 Winner. In 2015-17 she has pursued three lawsuits against the Chinese Ministry of Education and a higher education publishing house over textbooks that describe homosexuality as a “psychological disorder”. Also, She is the initiator of China’s “Say No to Homophobic textbooks” campaign. From 2019 to present, she has worked as founder and director at Queer China UK. She has strong experience working on both China-based and UK-based human rights organisations and social entreprises.

Jamie Chi – an independent filmmaker and photographer, using her work to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Raised in Hong Kong, Chi studied their Masters in Cultural Studies at the University de Lyon 3 in France and later studied Experimental Filmmaking at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She has also work as a community outreach and modern slavery service worker for Refuge (London) during 2019-2021, artist in Queer Asia since 2019 and worked as programme officer at Transgender Resource Center (Hong Kong) from 2015-2016.

Dr. He Xiaopei – a leading queer feminist filmmaker, activist, and director of Pink Space (粉色空间), a Beijing-based NGO dedicated to promoting sexual rights and gender equality. Her films include The Lucky One (宠儿 2012), Our Marriages: Lesbians Marry Gay Men (奇缘一生 2013), Yvo and Chrissy (如此生活 2017), and Playmates (玩伴 2019).

Small Luk – a Hong Kong-born Intersex person, is currently a psychotherapist and a Chinese medicine physician. She is the founder of the Intersex organization “Beyond the Boundary -Knowing and Concerns Intersex”, fighting for human rights for Intersex people with United Nations and human rights organizations, lobby countries to protect the human rights of Intersex people and end inhumane surgery on Intersex children.

Khakan Quereshi – awarded a British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours List 2021. He received the Midlands Zone ‘Birmingham LGBTQ+ Community: Outstanding Achievement Award’ last Summer for his lead on the advocacy of LGBT education in schools, and in February 2020, was one of the recipients of the Points of Light Award presented by Downing Street. Khakan is the Founder of Finding A Voice, a voluntary led organisation for South Asians  LGBT+ aged 18+ of any faith, culture, religion or disability. Khakan, despite threats, joined No Outsiders creator Andrew Moffat to lead the Birmingham Pride parade – the very first time the parade was led by members of the LGBTQ+ Muslim community – to support ‘No Outsiders’ in schools. 

Dr.Bonnie Pang – Lecturer at Department of Health and Centre for Research in Education in China and East Asia at University of Bath. An editorial board member of Sport, Education and Society, and an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society in Western Sydney University. The author of Diversity, Difference and Social Justice in Physical Education, and Interpreting the Chinese Diaspora. Lead GGHK Champion (UK).

Chao Xiaomi – Trans/gender fluid advocate living in Beijing China. She has been invited by CNN Style to participate in a documentary and has been interviewed by Reuters, AFP, NHK, Vice China and many other media on transgender issues. She has also been a guest speaker on professional platforms such as TedxSuzhouWomen and Moment Talks, where she has given talks on transgender lived experience, and was the first Trans contestant on China’s leading entertainment show, U Can U Bibi.

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