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Queer Chinese Art Festival 2022 is Back!

Covid-19 is not just a kind of infectious disease, but also a manifestation of the imbalance, conflict and oppression that queer people, diasporic communities and artists have long been confronted with.  So, what has the pandemic meant for the queer artists of Chinese descent? And how can queer communities survive the pandemic in the form of art?…

Between Soho and Chinatown | SJ Zhang

I have wanted to write a poem exploring the relationship between Soho and Chinatown for many years, and it was Jamie’s invitation for me to perform at the Queer Chinese Art Festival which finally catalysed me to create a finished edition of the poem. This poem is partially written in response to gay white poetry…

“Living in the UK Made Me Realize That the Chinese-Speaking Queer Diaspora Lacked Sufficient Support and Visibility”: Qiuyan Chen From Queer China UK on Creating Belonging

Many thanks to myGwork for featuring Queer China UK!The original link is : https://www.mygwork.com/en/my-g-news/queer-china/living-in-the-uk-made-me-realize-that-the-chinese-speaking-queer-diaspora-lacked-sufficient-support-and-visibility-qiuyan-chen-from-queer-china-uk-on-creating-belonging?fbclid=IwAR1byfmSoABfsQK8bg07CCtAVVTrLLnKCL3zqDbzry-hD62YtC4URxyM0J0 Queer China UK is a home for the Chinese LGBTQ+ diaspora, a space for them to explore their identity and connect with their community, safely and freely. Founded by activist Quiyan Chen fueled by her need for a space where she felt she…

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Who We are

Queer China UK aims to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora and LGBTQIA+ communities from other countries, and empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQIA+ communities.

We primarily provide queer travel services, educational programmes, art programmes, and consultancy services for individuals, organizations, and businesses to create social impact.

Our Services

Activist/Artist-led Decolonizing Queer Tours in Chinese

We provide informative and diverse queer tour services. Our destination includes the British Museum, the National Gallery, Museum of Transology, West End etc. The tour is usually between 1 hour to 2-hour mark. However, the schedule depends on your demand, which means you can choose to DIY your time, and we will make everything flexible towards your need. 
Open to individuals and group tours. The languages we provide are Mandarin and Cantonese. 
Note: Many of our tour guides are initially from Mainland China. They are queer artists and activists who are open to share and exchange stories with everyone! 

Community-focused Queer Art Programmes

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”  –Oscar Wilde

We have launched Safe Distance by the start of the year 2021. Safe Distance directed and produced by queer filmmaker Jamie Chi, is a documentary & photography project documenting the lives of Chinese queer communities in the U.K under the pressure of Covid-19. 

Besides We launch annual Queer Chinese Art Festival since 2021, with hybrid events including screenings, exhibitions, talks, workshops, live podcasts, art fair etc. 

“The Silk Road” Culture Project 

If you are interested in Queer Culture, you are highly welcomed to participate in our cultural exchange project. The project covers diverse programs like the Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Program, the short-term training workshops, and the Queer Summer & Winter Camp. 

Through your participation in these programs, you will have deep interaction with those queer scholars, artists, activists, businesses and organizers from the UK, Mainland China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. 

Consultancy Services

We are a team of experienced gender equality consultants, queer artists, researchers,  and social entrepreneurs.
We provide customised LGBT and QTIPOC-inclusive training packages for dynamic organisations, consultancy services supporting the connections of both Chinese queer diaspora and dynamic organisations globally in the fields of business, culture, art, education, tourism, etc.

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