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SHIVER PRESENT : Jamie Chi * Documentary Project under the Pandemic

Jamie Chi (she/they) is an independent Filmmaker and Photographer, using her work to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Raised in Hong Kong, Chi studied their Masters in Cultural Studies at the University de Lyon 3 in France and later studied Experimental Filmmaking at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Now based in London, Jamie, while not…

Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme|2021 Spring

Programme Goals The Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme is initiated by Queer China UK in 2021. It aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ and other diverse issues in Chinese communities around the world; encourage more people to become gender equality campaigners with international perspectives and nonviolent spirits; support the development of Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ diasporas as leaders to…

2020 Chinese Gender-friendly Mutual Support Community Project

Project Introduction KnowYourself – a new media platform focusing on the field of pan-psychology, has conducted an online survey on the mental health of Chinese students studying abroad in September this year. The survey found that up to 83.95% of the interviewees had experienced at least one psychological breakdown during their study journey. Besides, the news that East…

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Who We are

Queer China UK aims to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora around the world and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries (mainly UK), as well as empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and feminists communities.

We primarily provide queer travel services, educational programmes and consultancy services for individuals, organizations and business to create social impact.

Our Services

LGBTQ Tour Service in Chinese

We guide interesting LGBTQ tours in famous travel landmarks like British Museum, National Gallery, Soho, Chinatown etc. And you could choose Mandarin or Cantonese!

Public Events

We organize UK-based community events on a weekly basis, including dinner gathering, film screening, social parties, etc. Join us for knowing more friends!

Cultural Exchange Programmes

If you are interested in British queer culture, join in our short-term training workshops or Summer/Winter School.

We offer educational programs on different topics for you to choose from, and add cultural sensitivity and language help to make it easy for you to get in touch with British queer resources.

Consultancy Services

We are experienced gender equality consultants and social entrepreneurs.

We provide consultancy services for
both China-based and UK-based LGBTQ+ organizations, individuals, institutions and business who look for cross-country collaboration.

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Queer China UK

London, United Kingdom

To Facilitate Greater Communication between Chinese queer diaspora and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries”

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