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LGBTQ+ and Feminist Tours in Mandarin and Cantonese

By combining UK-based LGBTQ+ and feminist attractions with the Chinese language and cultural sensitivity, we would provide different kinds of queer tour routes.

  • Museum queer tours – the British Museum, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, etc
  • City queer tours – “gender equality and legal landmarks” walking tour, Soho walking tour, Women power central London tour,etc.
  • Customised tours – we can tailor your trip to the UK based on your needs.

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Cultural Exchange Programmes

We provide different kinds of cultural exchange programmes to expose Chinese to British multiculturalism

  • Themed training workshops – lasting one-three days, themes include Queering the Law, LGBT and media represatation, feminist and queer theory, etc.
  • Asia Queer Summer/Winter School -This study tour would lasting more than one week, and cooperate with UK’s instituions and organizations to allows Chinese people to explore European queer culture and have access to local queer resources.
  • Public lectures: we welcome all opportunities for speaking engagements.

Community Events

We provide Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and feminists community opportunities to gather around and share their lives together on a weekly basis, which includes dinner gathering, film screening, social parties, reading group, etc.

Follow our FB/INS/Wechat accounts for getting the latest events information.

Consultancy Services

  • For business and organizations: We provide consultancy services for both China-based and UK-based LGBTQ+ organizations, individuals, institutions and business who look for cross-country collaboration.
  • For individuals: Our consultancy services also support individuals who hope to work in LGBTQ-friendly companies, pursue study in the fields of queer, law, human rights and China studies etc or plan to marry their same-sex partner in the UK.

Wechat public account: 姬佬在英伦

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