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Activist/Artist-led Decolonizing Queer Tours in Mandarin and Cantonese

By combining UK-based LGBTQ+ and feminist attractions with the Chinese language and cultural sensitivity, we would provide different kinds of queer tours .

  • Decolonizing Queer Tour at the British Museum

During your two-hour tour at the British Museum, we will introduce you to the stories behind the exhibits in a queer version. After the tour, you will grow a better understanding of ‘decolonization,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘self-identification when you view the exhibits with a fresh new perspective. 

  • Women in Art | Feminist tour in the National Gallery

We may wonder why there have been fewer great women artists than male artists and why women have been mostly the “subject matter” in the art field. We will answer your questions during our tour session by introducing you to all the artworks done by female artists and the male gaze, the systematic obstruction to education, patronage, and opportunities to exhibit art.

  • Queer Tour at Natural History Museum

“When it comes to sexual promiscuity, Madonna’s got nothing on the average free-loving, masturbation-happy bottlenose dolphin” (BRANDON KEIM)

Through this tour to the Natural History Museum, you will be introduced to the diverse LGBTQ+ community in nature. You will also learn the evolution of female genitalia and how significantly it contributes to the improvement of biology. You will be surprised at the end that though it is against nature to ignore the contribution of female creatures, gender bias is still hidden in the display of Biological specimens. 

Let’s explore the queer world at the Natural History Museum!

  • LGBTQ+ Walking Tour of London’s West End 

During this walking tour session, we will explore tourist spots like Soho, Chinatown, Covent Garden, and Piccadilly. There are so many interesting and powerful stories about these places that we cannot wait to share with you! Besides the tour and stories, we also will connect you with the local queer Asian communities!

  • City Walking Tour | Women, LGBTQ+ and Legal Landmarks

The 2.5 hours of walking tour will take you around various spots in London. Our destination starts from the Royal Courts of Justice to the Supreme Court and Parliament Square.


1.Introduction of the Ministry of Justice

2.Women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom

3.the Equal Pay Act 1970

4.The gender imbalance in the Supreme Court & the first woman to be appointed to the professional judiciary

5.History of the British Gay Bar

6.The legendary lan McKellen and his LGBTQ+ social movements

  • Tour at the Museum of Transology

Our tour guide will introduce all the profound collections of artifacts and photographic portraiture from Brighton’s vibrant trans community at the Museum of Transology-Brighton Museum and the Vagina Museum. 



Our approach is simple-We work hard to meet your expectations! You can DIY your own tour with a time length from at least one day to a week. If you are interested in the queer culture and community or bored with the old-school tour sessions, we are the right team to which you will not be regretful to reach out!

Photo by Dominika Greguu0161ovu00e1 on Pexels.com

Culture Projects

We provide different kinds of cultural exchange programmes to expose Chinese to British multiculturalism

  • Themed training workshops – Duration: 1~3 days, themes include Queering the Law, LGBT and media represatations, feminist, and queer theory, etc.
  • Queer Summer Programs & Queer Winter Programs – duration: 1 weeks to 1 month, and cooperate with UK’s instituions and organizations to allow Chinese people to explore European queer culture and have access to local queer resources.
  • The Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Program – This 4-month study program will be hosted once to twice a year. The program will include guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, etc., to build greater connections for the global queer communities. 
  • Public lectures: we welcome all opportunities for speaking engagements.


We have participated in protests such as the Trans Pride, UK Black Pride, Reclaim Pride, Stop Asian Hate, Queer Night Pride and Women’s March. 

We aim to support all underrepresented and marginalised Community.

Campaigns & Activities:

1.Queer Art and Protest Workshop

2.RainbowChinatown Campaign

3.University Ambassador Programme


Community-focused Queer Art Programs

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”    –Oscar Wilde

We might use to carry this idea that art is an elitist activity for an elite audience. But now we argue that with a firm“No”! We firmly believe that one can fully express themselves through art, and we hope this art program can improve the confidence of those from the vulnerable groups. So join us now to celebrate the beauty of art and to embrace yourself with your free-spirited works!

Safe Distance 

a documentary & photography project, documenting the lives of  Queer Chinese in UK under COVID-19,director: Jamie Chi, producer: Qiuyan Chen

Have inquiries about screenings, exhibitions or guest talk? Reach out directly to us now!

Queer Chinese Community Art Festival

A hybrid events including film screenings, art exhibitions, talks, workshops, podcast series, music, art fair. We build connections and provide platforms & opportunities for the emerging artists, beginners, and vulnerable groups. 

Creative Workshop Series

We welcome the participants from different backgrounds. Through the participatory workshops, what they gain is not only knowledge and skills, but more importantly, they understand the charm of art and break the stereotypes of each other.

Queer Chinese Film-making Network

Our target members are those who identify themselves as ethnic minorities and as LGBTQ+ person or allies, they are film-making practitioners, professionals, students, activists, academics, or those who are interested in queer film-making and plan to develop their careers in this area. 

We arrange social events, skills, and knowledge sharing sessions and mentorship to connect people with different levels of experience and backgrounds, motivate their leadership potentials as well as support the peers in an environment without racial inequalities and language barriers.

Consultancy Services

We are a team of experienced gender equality consultants, queer artists, researchers, and social entrepreneurs.

  • For business and organizations: We provide consultancy services mainly for both China-based and European LGBTQ+ organizations, individuals, institutions, and businesses who look for cross-country collaboration in the fields of business, culture, art, education, tourism, etc.
  • For individuals: Our consultancy services also support individuals for various issues.

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