SHIVER PRESENT : Jamie Chi * Documentary Project under the Pandemic

Jamie Chi (she/they) is an independent Filmmaker and Photographer, using her work to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Raised in Hong Kong, Chi studied their Masters in Cultural Studies at the University de Lyon 3 in France and later studied Experimental Filmmaking at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Now based in London, Jamie, while not…

Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme|2021 Spring

Programme Goals The Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme is initiated by Queer China UK in 2021. It aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ and other diverse issues in Chinese communities around the world; encourage more people to become gender equality campaigners with international perspectives and nonviolent spirits; support the development of Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ diasporas as leaders to…

2020 Chinese Gender-friendly Mutual Support Community Project

Project Introduction KnowYourself – a new media platform focusing on the field of pan-psychology, has conducted an online survey on the mental health of Chinese students studying abroad in September this year. The survey found that up to 83.95% of the interviewees had experienced at least one psychological breakdown during their study journey. Besides, the news that East…

姬佬去留學②| I am Taiwanese, founded the East Asia LGBTQ+ group in Manchester

Welcome to the second episode of “Exploring the LGBTQ+ Society at British Universities”. This time we go to the University of Sheffield, and interview Elmo. “探秘英國高校LGBTQ+社團”之旅來到了第二期,這壹次我們前往謝菲爾德大學。但比較特別的是,我們這期的嘉賓 – 大毛,活躍在謝菲爾德大學LGBTQ+社團的同時,借助在曼城實習的契機TA還創立了壹個東亞LGBTQ+族群的組織。 在大學社團裏TA經歷過哪些特別的事情?而為何TA認為壹定要成立東亞同誌社群的組織呢?請往下閱讀我們對大毛的這篇采訪叭! 😛Q1:大毛妳好,能給我們介紹下妳學校的LGBT+社團嗎?Hello Elmo, can you tell us about the LGBT+ society in your university? ✨大毛:The LGBT+ Committee是謝菲爾德大學學生會裏壹個為LGBT+學生提供福利支持、社交機會和活動的學生小組。他們不是壹個社團,因此不需要註冊或支付會員費用。 The LGBT+ Committee is a student-led group that provides welfare support, social opportunities, and campaigning…

姬佬去留学① | Exploring the LGBTQ+Society at British Universities ×UCL

We invite one guest – Yin, studying at UCL, to share her experience on UCL LGBTQ+ Network. 作为一名小姬佬,在国内求学期间,你是否在江湖上听闻学校存在一个彩虹社的传说?之后偷偷四处打探,幻想在某个爱的转角处与其他姬佬抱拳相认…😎 出现这种现象的原因是国内LGBTQ+社团基本处于地下党状态,他们无法在学生会合法注册,这也意味着得不到学校的官方认可。更有甚者,如果你是彩虹社的成员,很有可能会被校领导请去“喝喝茶”…… 而在英国,这类社团的处境大大大大不一样,几乎所有高校都有合法注册的LGBTQ+社团。凭借着名正言顺的身份,他们能充分利用场地,宣传平台和资金等资源,各种形式的活动办得如火如荼。每到骄傲月,你还可以看到校园最高的那栋建筑顶端挂着一面彩虹旗,足足挂上一个月。 不管怎样,作为一名来英国留学的小姬佬,你或许和我一样对LGBT+社团充满好奇。因此,我特意邀请到有LGBTQ+社团经验的好友,带你一起探秘英国高校的彩虹社叭😛 嘉宾 – Yin, 伦敦大学学院(UCL)攻读自然科学的一年级本科生;UCL LGBT+ Network的无浪漫倾向/无性恋代表 (aromantic/asexual rep);尽管生理性别为女性,她对自己的性别认同保持开放态度,也许是女性也许是非二元性别。 Speaker – Yin, “A first-year undergraduate student studying MSci Natural Sciences (Physics + Molecular and Cell Biology). I am the aro/ace rep of the UCL LGBTQ+…

China| Punishment for the Gay Teacher Who Publicly Came Out In Support of Qiu Bai

In August 2015, Qiu Bai, a student at Sun Yat-sen University in China, took the Ministry of Education to court for stigmatizing homosexuality in a large number of teaching materials. After the case was filed, she was severely hindered by the school administration – the staff informed her family of her sexual orientation. 2015年,广东中山大学学生秋白,因恐同教材而起诉教育部,校方大为生气通知该学生家长导致其“被出柜”。 Cui…

Pride in London 2020

Queer China UK take part in the digital Pride in London 2020 parade at Piccadilly Circus on June 27, 2020 in London, England. [Photo by Ioana Marinca/ Pride in London]


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