About us

Queer China UK aims to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora around the world and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries, as well as empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and feminists communities.

We welcome all opportunities for media coverage, speaking engagements and cooperation.

Our Team

Qiuyan Chen (She/her)

Founding Director, Campaigner, Trainer, Artist and Museum Queerator.

She is a Chinese LGBTQ+ rights activist who focusses on gender equality education, youth empowerment, media and law advocacy practice. In 2015-17 she pursued three lawsuits against the Chinese Ministry of Education and a higher education publishing house over textbooks that describe homosexuality as a “psychological disorder”.

Since graduating from the London School of Economics in late 2019, her work has focused on queer art/film, museum education, festival producing, community building and cross-cultural communication.

Jamie Chi (she/they)

Co-founder, programme development Lead and artist

After receiving an MA in cultural studies at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France, Jamie advocated for Asian LGBTQ+ rights through her film. In 2019, her film <Justice for Maya> has been circulated in different film festival around the world. Currently she is working on a documentary & photography project documenting Queer Chinese who are living in UK under COVID-19.

She has also work as a community outreach and modern slavery service worker for Refuge (London) during 2019 – 2021, worked as programme officer at Transgender Resource Center (Hong Kong) from 2015-2016.

Bianca Skrinyar (she/they)

Freelance Workshop Leader, Moderator, and Academic

Bianca is a Master’s student in the department of Sociology with a specialisation in the Culture and Society programme at the London School of Economics. Her research interests include inequalities, marginalised identities and experiences, modes and distribution of power, politics of physical and virtual spaces, and urban spaces. Specifically, her work examines the everyday experiences of marginalised people in physical and virtual spaces. 

She graduated from Durham University with a First Class Honours in Liberal Arts. She has taken courses in the fields of English Literature, Philosophy and Anthropology that helped widen her insights about interdisciplinary research. In her second year, she was awarded the ‘Inspiring Student’ award for her achievements in academia, university-level sports and the arts.

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