About us

Queer China UK aims to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between Chinese queer diaspora around the world and LGBTQ+ communities from other countries (mainly UK), as well as empower Chinese-speaking LGBTQ+ and feminists communities.

We welcome all opportunities for media coverage, speaking engagements and cooperation.

Our Team

Qiuyan Chen

Director, gender equality consultant and human rights defender.

She is a Chinese LGBTQ+ rights activist who focusses on gender equality education, youth empowerment, media and law advocacy practice. In 2015-16 she pursued three lawsuits against the Chinese Ministry of Education and a higher education publishing house over textbooks that describe homosexuality as a “psychological disorder”.

Since graduating from the London School of Economics in late 2019, her work has focused on the intersection between equal rights and social entrepreneurship. 

Wechat public account: 姬佬在英伦