2020 Chinese Gender-friendly Mutual Support Community Project

Project Introduction

KnowYourself – a new media platform focusing on the field of pan-psychology, has conducted an online survey on the mental health of Chinese students studying abroad in September this year. The survey found that up to 83.95% of the interviewees had experienced at least one psychological breakdown during their study journey. Besides, the news that East Asians encountered racial discrimination in European countries caused a wave of panic in the global Chinese community, and the difficulties encountered by international students preparing to go to the UK are even more difficult than in previous years.

Going abroad means newness and possibility, but also loneliness, pressure and unknown.

Therefore, Queer China UK plans to establish a safe space for UK-based Chinese people by Chinese gender-friendly mutual support community project. Through two-month activities with skill sharing, peer exchanges and mutual support, strong connections would be made within the Chinese community which helps you to have a great time in the UK.

The target group of this project is the Chinese-speaking people who plan to come to the UK or who have already lived/studied in the UK. The aim of the project is to increase the awareness of gender friendliness and racial equality, gain knowledge of multiculturalism and information about life in the UK, and ultimately form a long-term, closely connected and mutually supportive network.

Project Schedule

Date: During Mid-December 2020 and Mid-February 2021, duration of each events is between 1 and 2 hours.

Language: Mainly Mandarin.

Events schedule might be changed according to the latest COVID19 situation, and you would receive the final timetable after successful registration.

12 Dec 2020 (Saturday)Vritual welcome senimar
18 Dec 2020 (Friday)Virtual queer talk: The experience of being a Chinese and LGBTQ+ in the UK?
19 Dec 2020 (Saturday)Britain Quest: Gay Bars walk (online)
20 Dec 2020 – 10 Jan 2021Britain Quest: Gay Bars walk (in-person, Soho and Vauxhall)
8 Jan 2021(Friday)Virtual talk: Under COVID-19, Let us talk about racial discrimination and stereotype.
15 Jan 2021 (Friday)Virtual night talk
16 Jan 2021 (Saturday)Virtual seminar: Asian queer films in the UK
22 Jan 2021 (Friday)Britain Quest: LGBTQ movement in the UK: history, present and development.
23 Jan 2021 (Saturday)Virtual talk: fixed intimacy or short term relationship?
5 Feb 2021 (Friday)Senimar: Strategies for dealing with sex violence when living abroad
6 Feb 2021 (Saturday)London walking tour: Queer attractions, legency and history
13 Feb 2021 (Saturday)Seminar: after graduation, should I apply for a PhD or work in the UK?

Two months, ten experienced speakers, covering various topics like British life, multiculturalism, films, intimacy, and work.

Who can apply for this project?

(1) Hope to adapt to life in the UK smoothly

(2) Look for like-minded gender-friendly friends

(3) Curious about diversity culture in the UK

(4) Plan to come to the UK or already live/study in the UK

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Price: General – 30 GBP/Person,  Students and Persons in economic hardship: 21GBP/Person


Queer China UK

We are a community-focus innovation incubator. We design and test solutions that facilitate greater connectivity between queer communities in different countries and solve gender inequality, LGBTQ+ discrimination and racism in the intersectional and global perspectives.

We are supported by Cambridge Social Ventures:


Q: Do I need to attend all the events?
A: No. you can just attend the events you are interested in.

Q: Quite a few events are held online, how to ensure communication between participants?
A: We will try our best to arrange as many offline events as possible, but it depends on the COVID-19 situation and the UK’s epidemic policy. For online events, we would promote more interactions between participants by agenda setting to avoid becoming boring “lectures”.

At the same time, taking into account the situation of some students taking online classes in China, the online setting is a better way to break the geographical boundaries.

More questions? Please contact queerchinauk@gmail.com

FB/IG: @queerchinauk

3 thoughts

  1. Well done! I’m Very ANNOYED & MOST Sad that there are also Chinese people who Blindly follow Westerners in adopting That Q-word. At best it means odd, bizarre, abnormal, strange – at worse, Sick, unwell – as in “Feeling a bit queer today.” Worse, if people use it to abuse you, it’s hard to take them to court because judge will rule that gay community has LONG accepted the Q-word. So, PLEASE – do NOT follow brainless fools. There is Nothing Sick, Odd, Bizarre about Gays. Most Queer! PS: We look upon Taiwan’s Gay Rights with Great Envy. I don’t know why You want to live elsewhere.

    1. Hi there! I totally understand your concern, but the meaning of “queer” has changed over the past few decades. It’s no longer derogatory. Also, the Chinese translation of queer is Ku Er, and Ku means “cool” in Chinese. So in the Chinese context, it has nothing to do with “sick” or “odd”. In the English context, if you say “queer” as an identity, it does not have negative connotations.

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