Safe Distance Photography Exhibition at LSE Library

Location: LSE Library, London, WC2A 2HD

4 Nov 2021-31 Mar 2022.

In early 2021, director Jamie Chi and producer Qiuyan Chen launched 安全距離紀錄片 SafeDistance Documentary, a documentary & photography project. It explores 31 queer Chinese Individuals’ lived experiences and narratives in the UK under COVID-19 pandemic. .

In this exhibition, we have selected 8 stories to examine themes incorporating identity, intersectionality, mental health, discrimination, migration, the notion of home, and community.

Curator Qiuyan said,

“I am very proud to be a member of LSE! My LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship has always been supported by LSE both during my time there and after I graduated.

​​As a lesbian, I feel empowered and supported when seeing the lived experiences of women and queer are presented in a public space. Shout out to Dr. Debbie Challis and other library staff for making it possible to bring the stories of queer Chinese to campus! “

Don’t miss out on seeing our exhibition!

Remember to wear a mask.

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